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About Fillico History

Fillico Jewelry Water launched in 2005. It started in Beverly Hills at private parties of Hollywood celebrities, Movie stars and Artists. They were fascinated by the bottle, beautifully and elegantly decorated. People who were always seeking for something new and exciting were fascinated by Fillico Jewelry Water, by its sexy and luxurious design. Fillico Jewelry Water was first made exclusively only for private orders. Then it came to Japan, the origin of Fillico founder, and spread so fast among the high-end upper class people in Japan. By its innovative proposal, it has been selected as the beautiful and blessing water to add pleasure as a special surprise to guests at many scenes such as parties, secret events and weddings. It is continuously being chosen by celebrities in the world, as an indispensable water at very special occasions. Natural water poured out from the bottle which conjures the imagination of a beautiful, graceful woman that leads you to a drinking experience like never before.

About Fillico Kobe Water

Natural spring water from Kobe. Kobe is one of the famous homes for Japanese rice wine, Sake, which needs the highest quality natural spring water in the production process. At the foot of Mt. Rokko, Kobe, Fillico shares the same water source with Sake wineries. Kobe water is also known as water that keeps its refreshing taste for longer period than other waters among the sailors who come to Kobe port to refill their ship water tanks. With its ph level 8-8.5 and hardness 90-100, Fillico Jewelry Water was prized No.1 mineral water brands in the world in 2017 by Insider Monkey (NY, USA).

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About Fillico swarovski®・crystals

Luxury Fillico bottles are dressed up with world renowned Swarovski®・crystals from Austria. Fillico also wears gorgeous crown caps which design is inspired by the crown of the Emperor FedericoⅡin the 13th century. They are all handmade piece by piece with an ultimate craftsmanship. This makes Fillico so special and exclusive.


Fillico Sakura 2018 now on sale! Fillico presents new Sakura design each year and this is the 2018 SAKURA ! Cherry blossoms decorating elegantly on the gorgeous pink color bottle.

Fillico was selected as NO.1. at“Top 10 mineral water brands in the world in 2017” , posted by Insider Monkey (NY, USA) .

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Fillico Jewelry Water is 100% natural mineral water from Kobe Japan, that has been loved and used by people from all over the world as gifts and souvenirs. Established in 2005, Fillico Jewelry water has also been recognized as equal quality water as Halal حلال standard Muslim-friendly product under strict quality control.

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